TuffMat! and PlushMat! go therapeutic

TuffMat! and PlushMat! go therapeutic

For a long while now we've provided high quality bedding with the best fabrics available and our supportive Enduro Foam filling. We have always been proud of our bedding and the many dog's lives that have been changed as a result.

In 2017 we've innovated even further and changed the make-up of our beds, making our bedding as standard therapeutic. The TuffMat! is the first Australian-made outdoor therapeutic dog bed and we're extremely proud of our achievement.

The PlushMat! and the TuffMat! are also the first Australian made dog beds to have a non-flatten guarantee, which is called our Five Year Comfort Guarantee. Our beds are therapeutic, they are supportive, comfortable and absorb the pressure from muscles and joints. They won't flatten. Our bedding range is perfect for frail, aged, injured and arthritic dogs.

Supportive and comfortable bedding is of the utmost importance for your dog, whether your dog's a puppy, fully grown, elderly or simply energetic. Your dog's bed is where they rest, rejuvenate, heal and grow.

We aren't supporters of Dacron, known as bonded fibres, thermal fibres, fibres, memory fibres

and a host of other names. These are simply marketing terms for Dacron, recycled plastic that offers no orthopaedic or therapeutic qualities.

You can find the PlushMat! here and the TuffMat! here.

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