Rover Peacock PlushMat! - on trend and in style!

Rover Peacock PlushMat! - on trend and in style!

The design team at Rover Pet Products have been working overtime, and have made a limited set of Peacock Blue PlushMat!'s. They are simply stunning!

Here is a picture!

Did someone say Peacock Blue was on trend in 2016?

Peacock Blue is opulent and regal but very 'now'. According to's stylists, Peacock Blue is exotic, sophisticated, easy to 'hue with other colours' and is luxe. We just think it looks great in the PlushMat!

We have spent time researching this colour, and it's a winner in 2016!

We have two Large and one Medium Peacock Blue PlushMat! available.

Still filled with our Australian made Enduro Foam, it's perfect for any dog, large or small!

You can email us at to purchase one of these Peacock Blue PlushMat!'s.

Large = $194.95

Medium = $164.95

We love this colour - and we think you would too!

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