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November 10, 2018

Have you ever walked around your backyard and found toy after toy, simply shredded, ripped and chewed apart? Half of a toy here, half of a toy over there - they simply never stood a good chance! Some backyards are more like a toy graveyard!

Tough and Indestructible Dog Toys: There Are Not Many!

Something we hear most frequently is, "My dog destroys EVERYTHING, they just rip it apart!". Every Dog Lovers Show we attend we hear this at least 50 times! Many people tell us they've bought "indestructible" toys which last a few minutes or a day, if they're lucky!

Do You Share This Feeling?

Most people that we have a good chat with super tough pooches have found that their furry friend will normally destroy their toys either really quickly, or never! Frankly we prefer the second option! So there's a few things to keep in mind, tough toys will rarely be soft or 'plush' toys, and your dog will likely rip these apart in minutes! You need to blend strength and durability with safety, that's why toys like latex with some give in them are the compromise that your dog's teeth need!

tough dog toys for power chewer pooches

Check The Guarantee!

Not all toys will always be equal, and some may even be for interaction and not extreme chewing - so always check each toy individually. If you have questions about tough toys, always make sure to ask the company selling them to you!

Who Sells What?

There are several very large, very common brands that you'll see in most pet stores. They have the 'name' and they most certainly have the marketing budget to match! Does this mean that they are the best toy? Not always. Again - check the fineprint and what type of guarantee they have! Whilst nothing is indestructible when it comes to dog toys, tough chew dog toys should stand up to most pooches!

Natural Latex Sodapup Toys

You might not have even heard about Sodapup toys yet! Compared to the competition, they're kicking goals! All of the range is 100% natural, 100% non-toxic and all made in the USA from sustainable rubber plantations. They're all made with this proprietary latex - the toughest of the tough!

That's not all though, they're extremely durable for those power chewer mouths. Out of thousands of Crazy Bounces for example, 3 have been destroyed! And we bet you wouldn't be able to guess that breed! (Dachshund!)

Our Guarantee

Our replacement guarantee provides peace of mind. If your dog destroys a chew toy within the first 6months of receiving it, we'll send out a new one - all we need are pictures! It's really that simple. We stand by our toys and know that they're the best of the best. Check out our tough dog toys.

Crazy Bounce tough dog chew toy