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July 04, 2018

This is a SHORT post!

Here @ Rover Pet Products we're fully committed to manufacturing in Oz! We're extremely proud to make our bedding & embroider our collars here! Our standards are quite literally the BEST in the industry - and that's why we'll never offshore our production!

As far as we know, we're also the ONLY Australian pet bedding company to have their bedding independently tested for toxicity! And of course - 100% non-toxic is the result! Of course we know this from our reputable suppliers, but it's an added layer of comfort for our customers.

When buying bedding made overseas, a significant amount of corners are CUT - here, we'll never do that!

Not bad for a couple of blokes from Newcastle who were fed up with the wider pet industry! With more than 20 years of textiles experience - we're proud to bring the best of pet bedding & products to Aussie pets!