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January 03, 2019

There's nothing better than a dip at the beach, the river or the pool with your dog! This is Laika down in South Australia frolicking in the beach with her Aqua Dog collar. It has a marine grade stainless steel D ring, a wetsuit backing and is pawfect for water lovers!

With dog's increasingly becoming our children, taking them wherever we go is also becoming the norm - and that includes on our holidays, our adventures and on our cross-country trips! To that, we say pawsomeness!

That brings with it much, much joy - but also risk if your pooch gets lost in a place they aren't familiar with and they can't get home easily from!

Our collars all include embroidery of name + phone number - ensuring wherever they are, they can always get home safe! Check out the Aqua Dog collar here and the full range here!